What are desktop computers and laptop computers

Desktop computers:-

A desktop computer is a personal computer that is designed to be used at a desk. desktop Computers made previously were large enough to fit into a whole room, were shrunken in size. This led to the development of the desktop computers, created to aid human beings in their daily processes of life. The first desktop computer was introduced in 1968 by Hewlett Packard (hp) 9100A. However, there have been many alterations made in this original design since then.

desktop-computersBy definition a desktop computers quite self-explanatory- a personal computer enough in size that fits on a desk. These computers consisted of several parts that came along to make usage easier, namely; a monitor (screen), a mouse, a keyboard, a CPU (central processing unit) and speakers.

Each assisted in the process to make functioning of the desktop computer possible. Popular companies manufacturing the desktop computers during the decades of 80s and 90s were IBM PC, Apple’s Macintosh etc.

The Commodore International’s Amiga which rose to success during the mid-80s yet declined by the early-90s when the company went bankrupt and eventually defunct by 1994.

A typical design of a PC is a square shaped monitor screen which displays the contents. With it is a CPU, either horizontal or vertical case that contains the motherboard, which is essential in connecting the different parts of the PC.

Moreover, a keyboard is present which helps in typing characters which are displayed on the monitor; and a mouse used to move items with the displayed pointer on the screen.

Laptop computer:-

A laptop computer is a portable personal computer and laptops have an attached keyboard and a touch pad, trackball, or isometric joystick used for navigation.

However laptops are unaffected by power shortages as they only require charging the battery, which can last for hours, and hence the user can work freely till the laptop demands further charging.

This revolutionary design made it quite convenient for users to buy the laptops to store their data and carry it around with them. the design has altered over the years since it was first introduced in the 70s.


As society became dependent upon the PC for performing tasks efficiently and saving time, a new idea was brewing within the minds of IT companies. The only drawback that hindered an individual’s life with regards to PC was the inability to carry it around at all times.

Hence, a proposal emerged that spoke of a portal personal computer that was small enough in size to be easily carried around.

The idea was put forth as early as 1970s which led to various IT companies developing the laptops within the decade; however majority consumers’ did not favor buying them until the early-2000s.

Laptop design consisted of a rectangular screen on the upper portion with a keyboard and track pad attached to the lower portion.


It was soon understood that nothing would remain constant in the world of technology but the aspect of change itself. This became evident when the direction of preference shifted from desktop computers to laptops (notebook computer).

Everyone can find the big differences in the device name also as Desktop means a device which needs to hold itself on a desk because it is big in size and the other hand Laptop means a device we can hold it comfortably on our Lap and carry in hands also.

This is the reason we can see lot of people in garden, bus stops and public places along with their laptops.

Now days desktop also comes with different styles in the market but laptop components are smaller than the components used in desktop computers and laptop looks more stylish and design unique and iconic  So to say, the laptop is a simple screen, along with a keyboard; and it fused the mouse, CPU and speakers into it.

The main difference between Desktop and Laptop in case of power shortage, in Desktop the entire system shut down and could result in loss of important data of the user if it was not saved.

Price factor also matter as people with low budget can prefer to have desktop instead of laptop desktop less expensive then Laptop.

These days everyone use devices mainly with point of portability and power first and these are the reasons though laptops are still the favorable choice for many to work on,


Advancements :-

we now are capable of fitting such technology into the palm of our hand. It has made human life much easier and tasks which were previously time consuming can now be done in a short span of time making it efficient and effective.

Borders between communications have been blurred due to these advancements as getting in touch with another individual is no longer an issue. Not only for entertainment purposes but it has also contributed to the education, health and production industries.

Due to desktop computers, education is no longer limited to a class room. Through the use of computers and internet, online classes can be taken by students who may be unable to physically go out.

Also due to internet access and the concept of electronic books, knowledge is not limited to individuals with access to libraries.

It would not be wrong to say that technological advancements are the foundations of the future world that is being developed.

Every industry is connected to computer systems in one way or another and humans of today are heavily dependent upon them.

Looking at IT companies and their further creations, it can be easily said that they are set to change the entire dynamics of human behavior and what we perceive as reality.

Now internet can be connected by the WI-Fi signals and it does not require additional wires being attached to the laptop computers or cellular phones. Technology companies like Intel are working towards creating pads that uses wireless charger for laptops.

Its contributions in the health sector also as they have led to improvement in the quality of care given to patients. With its large data storage capabilities, it can store information of patients and their related problems. Thus becomes quite convenient for doctors to carry out relevant diagnosis.

It can be said that the entire method of carrying out marketing strategies have been significantly altered since the usage of computers coupled with the internet became common.

No longer do companies need to invest all their resources into television commercials as advertising can be done online.

The concept of ‘brick and click’ has emerged through online advertising as companies can now sell their products online.

This encourages small companies to carry out their businesses while sitting at home and selling their products, in case they do not have a physical outlet.

These advancements can help one understand where the field of technology has taken the world today. Starting off with computers the size of large rooms,

Future of desktop computers :-

So after Desktop computers The next product to be featured was the tablet computers. Though the concept was first introduced in the sci-fi TV series of ‘Star Trek’ the IT companies worked on it and made this into a reality in the 90s.

The basic design consisted of a screen with a touch pad keyboard and a stylus used as a mouse. Advancements continued to be made into it which led to the creation of LCD or LED touch screen of tablet computers.

In 2012 mini tablets were introduced which are smaller in size and lighter to carry around than a tablet. Further evolution of the tablet is a ‘phablet’ (a crossover between a phone and tablet) meant to perform the function of both, and larger than a typical smartphone.

The most modern design is that of Hybrid Convertible 2 in 1 laptop designed by many IT companies including Microsoft, HP, Apple, Lenovo and Samsung.

It is mainly a laptop with the same outlook of a screen and keyboard, yet the keyboard is detachable from the screen and can easily be used as a tablet too.

However with smaller and portal devices, our dependence on wires has increased. IT companies are working towards developing a wireless future where the need for wires will be a minimum.

Though they have been successful at it in certain areas, The purpose behind these advances that are being made is to make life more convenient for humans and also to decrease the hassle of carrying wires around. In a fast paced world where every individual is trying to invest less time while performing more work and being efficient, such inventions are integral.

This can also eliminate the concept of worrying about power shortage when wanting to charge the laptop computers because these pads would be functioning independently and would be unaffected by power blackouts.

A futuristic idea being explored by Intel is that of perceptual reality. This may be most advanced form of technology the world may have seen, as this concept functions around the natural senses of the individual rather than on physical actions performed on the computer.

An example of this provided by Intel is, a video may not be dependent on clicking pause by the user, but may automatically pause when the user is no longer viewing the screen.

The world of technology has come a long way- starting from basic computers that were huge and could be used for a singular function to digital products today, that can perform multiple tasks at one time and fit into one’s pocket.

Due to their constant mostly positive contributions to society we would hope that further advancements continue to be made to help shape a better world.

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