Laptop Overheating fix Problem with Best Effective Tips

Here you can find the method to keep safe and Avoid Laptop Overheating fix with these working tricks as mentioned below

When Laptop computer were Introduced, they were very exclusive, expensive, heavy, and UN-powered. With the advancement in technology, modern laptops have been introduced with excellent features like lightweight, portability, and ability to perform as most powerful desktop do today.

Laptop Overheating fix


Despite of having all these features, and the facility of portability, there are Laptop Overheating Fix issues that users are facing while using their devices.

Power source is the most and very common hardware fault found in laptops. You might be familiar with the case when your lap doesn’t turn on even after many attempts.

When such a problem arises people normally think that the battery should be recharged, but even plugging the system into an electrical device doesn’t appear to help.

There are high chances that the system has a bad power jack or bad power adapter. The power jack may have been damaged due to the frequency of its use.

Mostly users are not careful in plugging and unplugging the AC adapter, which can result the jack gets damaged as the solder welds wear down. This restricts your Lap device to use external power. So this result in the laptop doesn’t turn on.

Laptop Overheating Fix is a common issue that users face. This type of problem normally arises due to a faulty fan stops working or due to the fact that the airflow into the computer system is blocked, these devices, are kept cooled with the use of small fans that bring cold air into the system from the surrounding environment in order to cool off the laptop’s internal components.

If these fans stop working or stop bringing air in the lap computer, different laptop components like hard drive or CPU might overheat, which will result your lapi shuts down intermittently, if airflow into the system is blocked somehow, this can also result in the overheating.

Main reason of this blockage is placing the laptop computer on a soft surface like  pillow. If your computer producing heat issue due to the above reason. It is advisable to place it on flat hard surface when you use it.

Using a laptop tray  is the best way to prevent it from extra heat.

This computer system  suffer a lot of abuse due to their portability. Though, this is a demanding facility, but it also results in many issues like bumps or fails.

Sudden impacts or jolts can upset or affect the reading header or magnetic platters in the hard disk, making it unreadable. When such an issue arises, system will still turn on. But it might result in clicking noises.

This is also possible that you see a warning massage on the screen telling you that a hard drive failure has occurred. If this happens, you must replace your hard drive.

Lastly, many faults might be arising due to software problems. A lot of people complain that their  computers are slow or performing a strange way.

This problem normally arises due to a software problem rather than a hardware fault. Normally, Issues in software arise due to bad drives, outdated drivers, viruses, or incompatible software.

To avoid such issues, keep your operating system and drivers up to date, and also perform disk fragment and virus scans as well.

Serious Causes of this Issue

Laptop overheating Fix is certainly a very serious issue most people would tend to overlook. Here are 3 of the most common causes of notebook overheating.

Cause 1:- Main Cause due to physical sources. Carefully designed computer on the manufacturer’s part normally prevent instances of overheating. For such designed laptops, the most frequent cause would be blocked air vents.

The air vents are designed to dissipate heat, and blocked vents would cause the opposite and build up heat. Take some time off to clear the dust built up at these vents for a smooth air flow.

Cause 2:- Due to software malfunction. For every  system, there is software are which carefully control and operate the cooling fans, normally located within the BIOS. In most cases, upgrading the existing BIOS would solve the problem.

The Laptop Overheating Fix problem might also occur after upgrading your operating system. Most software’s are written to be run on a specific Operating system. You might need to upgrade these software’s to compliment your new OS. This might be a problem if the model of your laptop is being discontinued.

Cause3:- Other cause  issue due to faulty design. As we know, new processors are now faster than before. The number of transistors being packed into single processor is increasing thus creating more heat.

Some laptops are not designed to cope with the increase in the generation of heat, sticking to their other older designs. To avoid this user must provide feedback before Buying New Lap system.

Prevention Tips:

Laptop overheating Fix is one of the most common issues found by users. A rough estimate suggests that around 90% of user’s face this problem that has increased over the last few years due to the compact design and CPU’s.

Nowadays, high efficiency video chips and transistors are used in latest models that are known for generating a good amount of heat.

The CPU and graphic unit of the computer generates a lot of heat that needs to be handled properly with well-designed air circulation or cooling system.

Moreover, if you use high-end software then it will put more pressure on CPU to generate additional heat.

Use Compressed air for cleaning the air circulation system:

With time and usage, a good amount of dust gets deposited on and around the cooling system thereby blocking the vents completely. As a result of this heat will not dissipate easily. For this the fan becomes less efficient and the system becomes hotter.

This situation can be avoided if you use compressed air periodically to remove the dust within your computer. This will keep it cool and efficient.

Keep your Device preferably on a hard surface:

Keeping the notebook  on a hard surface like a table, helps prevent overheating to a great extent. It is our usual tendency to keep device on a pillow or blanket while working at home. These blocks the vents meant for air circulation.

Keeping laptops on a soft surface generates a lot of heat that is not flowing out. The hot air is pushed back into the machine which makes it miserably hot and less efficient.

Switch off your laptop before you put it in your bag:-

Most of us avoid switching off our laptops when not at work. We usually keep it in a standby mode that is considered as a wrong practice as far as overheating is concerned.

You should always switch off your Notebooks/computers while packing it. It is also not recommended to opt for the ‘hibernate’ option as it

Use your system RAM unnecessarily. The best way is to switch off your device that will save the battery from draining fast.

Use of a cooling pad:

Another efficient way of keeping your Device cool is with the regular usage of a cooling pad. It comes at a very handy price of around $25 but is of great help in preventing overheating of your system.

Although these steps have been proved very useful in dealing with the Laptop Overheating Fix issues in Computer system but chances remain when you need to look beyond them.

If these steps prove futile then you will have to opt for premium technical support. Choose an experienced computer support provider and explain them the issue.

They provide fast resolution of such issues with their specialized and certified technicians with wide experience in maintenance  and Laptop troubleshooting.

Tips for Preventing Laptop Overheating Fix issue:

Easy to carry when traveling, convenient, light weight, versatile machines that we just can’t get enough of. Lap-books are becoming extremely popular and for good reason; however, the cost of maintaining and repairing laptop problems is more expensive than desktop computers.

The good thing is you must know how to prevent your computer from overheating, so if you experience any of this type of problems, you know HEAT won’t be the cause!

As we know that these devices are smaller than desktops, thus have much less room for cooling. The cooling fans are usually located near the middle bottom of the laptop, which causes heat from the cooling fans to be blown out of the bottom of the computer

This explains why your computer get worm’ or hot’ when sitting on it for long period of time.

This actually contributes to your laptop overheating Fix issue.

Put your computer on any “cloth surface like bed covers, clothing, carpet etc; can cause insufficient heat dissipation and can cause your system to overheat. Once again, can overheat computer can shut down; restart randomly, Blue screen and or cause permanent and expensive hardware damage.

Use a Laptop cooling pad”

These small devices attach to your laptop via USB, and contain fans that aim upward into your laptop computer vents, helping to cool the CPU down.

The lap is a significant heat producer as the vents are blocked on the bottom of the computer, while it rests on your lap. That in turn causes much of the heat to re-direct back into the computer, instead of blowing out the vents.

Actually, cooling pads work well to prevent laptop overheating fix issue, but they also work very well keeping your computer cool! You can purchase it according to your budget. A good cooling pad mostly available between $10 to $20

You can buy compressed air

This is the latest technique which help you a lot to get rid from this Laptop Overheating Fix problem. Just buy a compressed air can and then straw” to the can and other side it must attach flip your laptop upside down and blow the compressed air into the cooling vents.

It also helps to clan the dust etc which prevent the airflow from the vents itself.
You can repeat this step at least once every month.

Remove your laptop battery when it’s plugged into power socket

This will help preserve your battery’s life, and prevent excessive heat buildup that occurs while continuing to charge your device battery after it has been fully charged, since the battery is a conductor of heat, it helps to remove it when it is fully charged.

Avoid exposing your laptop to direct sunlight

Remember that in high temperatures working for log time can also impact on your computer components, as we all know that heat KILLS! You should work on your system in well maintained temperature.

Ensure your cooling fan works at all times

If it is”obstructed”, or marks “strange and unusual” noise, get it checked out immediately. The cooling fan cools down the CPU and blow the heat away from the computer.

The picture on the left shows a cooling fan assembly exposed, after the laptop has been “taken apart” this is necessary when replacing or servicing a computer fan. The CPU must remain cool at all times. Without a CPU, your computer is nothing more than a lap anchor!

How do I know if I Have a this type of problem?

It’s important to remember that there is a difference between your computer getting hot and actually overheating, if you aren’t sure if your device is truly overheating. Look out for the following

1. If your laptop suddenly shuts down for no reason- this often means the fail safe system in the computer has kicked in when it hits certain temperature
2. Blue screen of death often signifies you have an overheating CPU problem
3. You may become aware of the fan working more often and sounding loader and or more vigorous than normal as it tries to cool the computer down
4. Memory operation errors
5. Your system device is scorching hot to touch in certain areas
6. Your system is running slower than usual

What damage this issue can cause?

Your computer can suffer quite extensive damage and require you to replace major components, which could prove to be expensive

You can actually cause damage to yourself, believe it or not, cause of burned

Some medical reports also attribute the heat which produced by the laptop or desktop can also harmful for human being as well

A Laptop overheating fix issue can damage your entire system as well or can damage system’s micro chips, motherboard and hard drive, graphic card etc.

If you are using computer on clothing item then there are more chances of fire risk… be careful!

This can also affect your productivity also like sometimes it stuck on typing, hangs keyboard mouse etc.

Useful Solution Tips

If you experiencing Laptop overheating fix issues, here are some of the most recommended solutions you should give a go.

Solution 1:- whenever there is dust building up the air vents of your laptop, remove the dust clot to allow the more continues air flow

Solution2:- make it habit to clean the air vents of your laptop with compressed air. This would clear the dust collecting inside the vents itself. Try to clean up the inside part of laptop like exhaust part and backside of laptop computer. For better heat management, practice this step once every week.

Solution3:- always shut down your device before putting them into your carry bag. For whatever reason, you need your device on, put your laptop into hibernate mode to avoid overheating while paced in the bag.

If possible try to shut down your system time to time it also help to avoid such type of issue

Just unplugged the laptop charger once your computer battery gets fully charged.

Solution4:- set your power setting to balanced (recommended) optimizing power instead of going for high performance because this option gives a pressure on the computer system.
A higher performance setting would stress your CPU and graphics unit to produce more heat in return.

All you have do, just go to control panel and then choose power options and after that you can choose or change the setting according to your requirement…..that’s it!

Solution5:- Get a laptop cooler, of all the laptop coolers, out in the market, it is recommended that the cooler input vents your laptop for a better cooling system.

Solution6:- As most laptops are designed to prevent overheating, if you are experiencing this issue while your device is still in the warranty period, contact your computer supplier. Chances are that they’ll at least take a look into the problem.

Most popular brands with excellent technical solutions can give you high solution and assist you over this problem if a part under warranty is giving those problems, you should be able to get a replacement.

In Conclusion

As we all know that, Laptop overheating problem fix issue basically related to laptop CPU usage so if can manage our daily routine programs and notice all mention points then it help us to prevent from this globally problem. In case, this  problem don’t go over time, you should consult an expert in this field or go to service center.

A laptop repair shop recommended by the manufacturer/service centers can help you to avoid any such problem. In the worst contact the manufacturer.


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