adminMy name is Sandeep  Kumar I’m a qualified desktop support engineer with 5 years of support experience with all type of support including best desktop and laptop configurations.

I have also a good approach with desktop and laptop configurations   with basic installations and hardware up gradations etc  and even I spend my time with experiment with my desktop and laptop in my living room. I spent lot of my time in front of my computer to discover and learn new things about world technologies.

I love writing about my experience with different types of hardware technologies and I’m a keen user to know upcoming desktop and laptop technology all over the world and Currently  i’m teaching myself with latest hardware updates on many brands as well.

I’m here to help you with useful tips and tricks related to hardware and windows to get better experience and I spend a lot of time with reviewing lot of new things about configurations related to desktop and laptops.

You’ll find specific tips and techniques with different technology products with best technical information about desktop and laptops. I want to share knowledge which I had learned during my working years.

Currently I’m living in beautiful city Shimla (India )one of the most desirable tourist single and living with my parents. After basic education I have moved to Chandigarh and completed my MCA degree and choose support as my profession.

I have always been good at sports as well. My favorite game is cricket. i keep myself up-to-date with latest desktop and laptop technology.